Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Integrity Under Pressure

When the competition gets fierce, the temptation is to get fierce back. All is fair in love and business right? Everyone else is doing it....

So when an employee's non-compete period is up, should we accept the offer to go after their contacts from a previous employer and competitor of ours? We've had a pretty miserable experience lately where some employees left (of their own free will) and started a competing business. They are going after our clients with a vengence and it hurts. For some odd reason we didn't have their non-compete agreements on file when they left (still trying to figure that one out!), and so they feel legally free to do what they're doing.

Should we play by these rules too? If it's not illegal is it ok? I want us to hold to a higher standard. If I wouldn't want it done to me, then I don't want us doing it to another company.

I believe the core of our company is our reputation and we've heard from many clients that our professionalism and integrity set us apart. We're grateful for their loyalty, and plan to continue earning that reputation... even when it hurts.

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