Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Economists realize that we're not basically selfish!

As a parent I realize that I play a big role in how my son will come to define himself. I know when he does something less than shining it's important to label the behavior, not the child. When he's acting selfishly I call on his higher nature. We've all seen the sad results of people come to believe they are intrinsically "bad."

And yet as a society we have be surrounded by economic pundits telling us that in our hearts we are greedy and selfish. Is it surprising we got ourselves into the economic pickle we found ourselves in when the free market tells us that it's normal, everyone is doing it, and that it is ok - laudable even.

But wait... Economists are now uncovering the fact that rather than selfish greedy fools, we are actually mostly caring people who want what is fair and are willing to share. It's news worth sharing -


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