Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nancy P. Roberts Award

The Connecticut Council for Philanthropy presented the 2015 Nancy P. Roberts Award to THE WALKER GROUP. The award honors a grantmaking organization for demonstrated innovation in philanthropy.  This means a great deal to me as the founder and CEO.  We’re in the technology business so innovation is in our DNA and having started Walker almost 30 years ago I’ve seen my share of transformation:  Today we offer Internet Security Planning, Web and App design and other services that didn’t exist 30 years ago.  But the transformation that I’m by far and away the most proud of is our conversion to the social enterprise model.
I’m deeply grateful to the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy for the recognition that social enterprise is an innovation in philanthropy because it is every bit as much a new twist on philanthropy as it is a new twist on business - It’s a hybrid.  It’s an opportunity to harness the mission of philanthropy to the engine of commerce.   Mohamed Yunus, grandfather of microfinance once said “show me a problem and I’ll show you a business opportunity!”   
We are living in a world full of problems and opportunities and I’m thrilled that we’re waking up to the power we have as human beings to tap our creativity to help the world around us.  I’m thrilled that through Walker’s support of reSET we hare helping to launch the next generation of social entrepreneurs who will turn these problems into opportunities.  Supporting social enterprise is an investment in impact driven businesses who use profits as a means to greater good, because business is a very powerful force in our world today and it can be a force of great good!