Saturday, June 29, 2013

Interview on social enterprise with John Dankosky on WNPR's Where We Live

A great interview with John Dankosky! 

Robert Egger - Founder LA Kitchen
Cary Wheaton - Executive Director of Billings Forge Community Works
Charlotte Creech - Co-Founder of Combat2Career
Leslie Krumholz - Founder of Good Streets
Nora Duncan - State Director of CT AARP

And yours truly

Thanks to the callers too - what an unexpected gift!

It's wonderful to be surrounded by such a supportive community and watch it grow.   Five years ago (pre crash) when I spoke to people about social enterprise, as often as not I would get a confused look - like why do we need to change anything?  It's all going so swimmingly!   Today it's a different story and everyone (well almost everyone) gets the fact that we need to try something new.

Social enterprise interview on WNPR's Where We Live

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