Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stories are the seeds of change

We spend a lot of time fixing process, training people, and working to make things better.  Change is happening every day, and yet sometimes it feels as though things will never change.  If you've bumped up against that wall, pay attention to the stories.

Stories grow out of experience but can take on a life of their own reinforcing a past you want to let go of or creating self-fulfilling prophesies, for better or for worse.  If you don't like the stories you hear and think they no longer reflect a new reality then you need to find the new stories to supplant the old and  consciously replace them.

Organizational change is a long, slow process, and there are many moving parts, but as human beings stories resonate on a level that org charts and procedure manuals can not touch.

Listen, share, and celebrate your stories of growth and change.

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